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Latina pornstars and fans have kept a unique place for quite some moment in the hearts of hardcore xxx fans. Going back to the golden age of classic porn with stars like Vanessa Del Rio and advancing to the modern era where girls from Puerto Rico, Cuba, South America and Hispanics from the United States continue to dominate the porn landscape–it's clear that their tanning lines and beautiful bikini bodies are what many discerning eyes are looking for.

Is Latina porn's allure spawning from a cultural superiority when it comes to gender or is it more of a genetic benefit that distinguishes so many Boricuas y Latinas from the contest? It's difficult to answer that question, but common sense would say it's a bit of both. Sure they have the sun kissed skin, cute faces and large fucking asses that come from heredity but the rhythm of their movements, the way they walk and the accent when they speak is directly out of a society predicated on offering the sexiest display of pornstar operations to spectators. Sexy girls who get turned on so easily and remain wet forever, it doesn't take much to have them amp up to please you-just a fast compliment and a wink let her know it's time for her to step up her game and impress you if she wishes to stay popular long enough to create a career out of getting fucked on movie.

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