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So you've already tried anal sex and want something different? Are you tired of the usual anal sex and want to try something completely different? Then we have the right solution for you, anal fisting could be the new frontier of pleasure.

People think that sucking all the fingers of one hand is fantastic, but your mouth is not the only place where you can put your hand because there is another place where you can put it. The anal fisting, in essence, is the act of penetrating the anus with a fist. All five fingers and basically the whole hand stuck in someone's ass. Sometimes, you can see scenes where the hand is tucked up to the wrist; sometimes, instead, you can see scenes where the arm is pushed up to the elbow in someone's ass. Anal fisting can scare those who watch it for the first time, but it is one of the safest forms of sex - if you follow all the instructions exactly. You don't have to go to university to do anal fisting. But it's not even as natural as you think. It takes training and patience to take a punch in the ass, but it's really exciting. A big cock or a sex toy can't do much.

Anal fisting is a practice where the length of the cock does not count everyone can do it just have a little courage. Try to think of something harder and more often than a cock that penetrates your anus, into the whole sphincter. You have to calmly start one finger at a time and then gradually get the whole fist. And if you really want, you can also insert two. Always do it calmly and remember that anal fisting has to be done slowly and with a lot of lubricant.

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